Renovate, Remodel, Add on

  • Renovate, Remodel, Add on

You may have a historic house in need of restoration, you may have an older house in need of some updates or you may just want to add a little bit more space for a growing family. Whatever it is, many times you will be living in the house as work is being done, and this can prove to be very stressful. This is one of the first questions we ask when taking on a renovation, remodel or addition because it changes the way we do things. If you are living there, our goal is to make this project as stress free and as easy on you and your family as possible. We inform you of what work is being done and who will be in your home when so there is no surprise visits at inopportune times. We keep our work area clean and take up as little space as possible while completing your project. As always, weather you are living at the construction site or not, we guarantee top quality products and workmanship, finishing your project as efficiently as possible.


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