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Every home that we build is a “custom home,” Weather we design your home or you bring us a completed home plan, your house will be built according to your individual lifestyle and needs. Your family is uniquely different from any other family, so our goal is to build you a home individually suited for you.

Your home will be personally and uniquely yours not only in its appearance but also in quality. In a world of Mass production and quick and easy solutions our society has sacrificed quality, attention to detail and hometown customer service for a product that can only be described as cheap. In contrast, we pride ourselves in being one of the few companies who hasn't made those sacrifices. The materials that go into the homes we build are the best out there. Most of the sub contractors that we use have been working with us for decades, and their experience and reliability are what have kept us . If we build your home, it will be a step above in quality and craftsmanship than most other homes on the market today.


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